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Each year the U.S. generates 13 million tons of textile waste. That equates to 2,150 pounds per second. When it comes to sustainability, many consumers are confused or anxious about the topic.


At Pop Up Stop, we work to educate consumers about the environmental and social impacts of textile waste. We encourage people to reflect on their own consumption habits and then take action on how to minimize their waste. At our first event in 2022, we planted the seed at Virginia Commonwealth University’s campus and made a call to action to limit textile waste. In 2023, we are expanding our roots and encouraging other university campuses along with high schools, clubs, and faith organizations to host a Pop Up Stop event or box.


A Pop Up Stop event or box can send a ripple effect throughout communities. One step, one action, one Pop Up Stop can make a difference when it comes to rethinking, diverting, and limiting textile waste. 

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