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A New Collection for Fashion
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Pop Up Stop is an educational and outreach program dedicated to reducing the amount of unwanted clothing and textiles ending up in landfills or incineration. Based in Richmond, Virginia, we are dedicated to reducing textile waste within the city. We are encouraging and inviting surrounding areas to learn more about the environmental impacts of the textiles we wear and use every day.  Addressing the issue of overconsumption, we want to inspire consumers to consider their purchasing habits with the theme: "Stop Before You Shop". 

In April 2022, we launched the first Pop Up Stop event on Virginia Commonwealth University's Monroe Park Campus. We wanted to inform the university community about the environmental impacts of textile waste. The response was well received and we are so excited to expand Pop Up Stop to other communities and campuses this year.

On April 21st, 2023, we are launched our second annual Pop Up Stop event on the Monroe Park Campus. We encourage other university groups, clubs, and community organizations to learn more about hosting a Pop Up Stop by visiting the link below and joining a New Collection For Fashion!

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Our Work

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Each year the U.S. generates 13 million tons of textile waste. That equates to 2,150 pounds per second. When it comes to sustainability, many consumers and citizens are confused or anxious about the topic.


At Pop Up Stop, we work to educate consumers and citizens about the environmental and social impacts of textile waste. We encourage people to reflect on their own consumption habits and then take action on how to minimize their waste. At our first event in 2022, we planted the seed at Virginia Commonwealth University’s campus and made a call to action to limit textile waste. We are expanding our outreach and encouraging other university campuses along with high schools, clubs, and faith organizations to host a Pop Up Stop event or box.


A Pop Up Stop event or box can send a ripple effect throughout communities. One step, one action, one Pop Up Stop can make a difference when it comes to rethinking, diverting, and limiting textile waste. 

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How To Get Involved

Below are links to "Host a Pop Up Stop Event" or "Host a Pop Up Stop Box." After filling out the forms, an email will be sent with a Pop Up Stop to-do list that will contain more information about Pop Up Stop and its message, details on how to host an event and educational resources. We aim to work together and effectively communicate to help any individual or organization on sharing and spread Pop Up Stop’s mission. 

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