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Pop Up Stop is an educational and outreach program dedicated to reducing the amount of unwanted clothing and textiles ending up in landfills or incineration. Based in Richmond, Virginia, we are dedicated to reducing textile waste within the city. We are encouraging and inviting surrounding areas to learn more about the environmental impacts of the textiles we wear and use every day.  Addressing the issue of overconsumption, we want to inspire consumers to consider their purchasing hapits with the theme: "Stop Before You Shop". 

Back in April 2022, we launched the first Pop Up Stop event on Virginia Commonwealth University's Monroe Park Campus. We wanted to inform the university community about the environmental impacts of textile waste. The response was well received and we are so excited to expand Pop Up Stop to other communities and campuses this year.

On April 21st, 2023, we are launching our second annual Pop Up Stop event on the Monroe Park Campus. We encourage other university groups, clubs, and community organizations to learn more about hosting a Pop Up Stop by visiting the link below and joining a New Collection For Fashion!

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